Healing From Within

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Modern medicine doe not heal trauma. It is time to take back control of our own welfare and to do this we need to change our perspectives of our





& what we put into our bodies

The first four areas are all connected and in my treatments, processed as one practice. this involves combining these together and addressing them as one. Whatever trauma we are suffering, it affects us on more than one level, so it makes sense to treat all these areas in the one time and this is what my techniques do. In the process of healing, we need to make sure we cause no more harm, rather than addressing each area se[peratley, possibly leading to a client being triggered, we address them all at once.

As to the fifth, it is time we noticed we are not toxin or poison deficient so it is time to stop putting these into our bodies under the guise of harming our systems in some way makes us better.

If you are intent on ingesting something then please know we are vitamin and nutrient deficient, so let’s start from there.there are many free apps available suggesting what types of vitamins we should be taking as well as how to increase our nutrient intakes through fresh food.

Next up cut out the greatest over the counter poison, processed sugar in all its forms. Follow this us by cutting our dairy products.

Do this for a week or a month, see how you feel.

The best way to deal with life is to work with our systems not against them.

We are human beings, we are meant to experience emotions, this is all part of being normal, the idea is we have these events that cause emotional upheaval, we stay with and eventually work through these experiences, thus making us stronger and more importantly capable of helping others who follow in our footsteps.

”what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”

Unfortunately, since the ’90s. therapy has become like a badge of honor, in the past, if you were facing a challenge you went to your local priest, pastor or rabbi and chatted about it. this brought great relief. you then would pray and hand it over to your God and this process was very effective.

today, it is almost unheard of to do such a thing, it pays to be in therapy, it absolves us of blame and responsibility and depending on where you live you can receive benefit & funding to become and remain a victim.

It is time to give people back the knowledge & techniques to heal themselves and believe I have achieved this goal through my book of techniques called Your Energy Works.

kind regards

Richard T


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